Welcome to CyberCats!

Welcome to CyberCats!

Hi there!

We’re incredibly excited that you are here! Welcome to the CyberCats, a group of likeminded individuals that are bound together with the common goal of trying to untangle the complicated mess that is getting started and getting involved in the vast world of cybersecurity.

Our club is composed of a multitude of individuals from all sorts of backgrounds. Some have just graduated from high school, some are valiant members of the armed services working on their degrees, and others are industry professionals coming back for their third degree.

Also, know that it doesn’t matter if you’re brand new and feel like you don’t know a thing or if you think you’re the hottest keyboard slinger under the sun (#humility). There is a place for you and we will gladly support you in any legal and ethical goals you have. All skill levels are more than welcome!

As a digital first club, there are plenty of opportunities to connect and work on learning together outside of our regular meetings. We participate in a robust Discord server and frequently have members join up throughout the week to work on projects and challenges together. This is a great place to ask questions, get engaged, and talk about that stuff that is lost to our friends and family.

CyberCats also has a robust subset of members that makes up the z0na CTF team. We participate in all kinds of capture the flag competitions and work hard to help each other succeed. If you enjoy late nights in a Discord voice channel banging your head against the keyboard thinking that something is impossible or just plain broken before being filled with pure ecstasy when you finally figure it out, then the z0na CTF team is probably for you as well! You can get connected with upcoming competitions and the other z0na team members on the Discord server.

We also LOVE hacker conferences. DEFCON, BSides, Grayhat con, CactusCon, you get the point. We have members engaged with and attending conferences all the time. So, if you love that con life, know that we love it too!

Now you’re probably wondering where to begin. First step, go to the contact page and fill out the form there so that we can get you connected and help you get started with us. Then take some time and pursue the other blog posts on this website. This will help you get more of a feel about what we do and what to expect.

Overall, CyberCats really is what you make it. The more you get involved, the more you’ll get out of it.

Again, thank you for being interested in joining in and we are just ecstatic that you’re here!

  • CyberCats Leadership